1. Oil Massage– Bask yourself in a soothing and calming oil massage to relieve your muscular tensions build up in your body. When the oil is coupled with the right pressure of massage, it will give massage lovers a great rejuvenating experience.
Cost: 1hr-$50, 2hrs-$90
  1. Fusion Massage– A more intense massage using strokes and techniques unique to us is sure to leave clients an invigorating experience. Soreness after the massage is common. Clients will feel much better blood circulation and energy after a day or two.
Cost: 1hr- $57, 2hrs-$97
  1. Acupressure Massage– A massage technique that is sure to relief stress and improve circulation, Acupressure Massage is a recommended alternatives for people who are seeking a different massaging experience.
Cost: 1hr- $62, 2hrs- $110


  1. Hydration Facial Therapy– Using water and special ingredients unique to our company, Hydration Facial Therapy is sure to give you a refreshing and calming experience.
Cost: 1 session- $68, 3 sessions- $188
  1. Facial Whitening Therapy– For those looking to have a more radiant and healthier look, Facial Whitening Therapy is the recommended option for it. With our special and unique mix of ingredients from natural sources, this therapy is sure to lighten your skin tone and bring out the shine in you.
Cost: 1 session- $72, 3 sessions- $212
  1. Anti-age Facial Therapy– Performed by our skilled beauticians, Anti-age Facial Therapy is the pick for those who wish to take well care of their face. It will sure to give you a more youthful look on your skin after your sessions with us.
Cost: 1 session- $125, 3 sessions- $355


  1. Radio Frequency Programme- With a high record of customer satisfaction, our Radio Frequency Programme has proven to be a hit among the Therapy lovers here. A natural and easy way to shed some unwanted weights and supplements your exercising and sliming regime, you can now enjoy the your regime with our programme to take a moment of the your intense workout sessions.
Cost: 80 minutes- $132